Potty Training Troubles? Here Are Some Tips

Potty Training Troubles - A Children’s Unisex Urinal Might Be the Answer

Helping children learn how to use the toilet can be a difficult journey. There are often added challenges that get in the way of a smooth transition from diaper to toilet.

Some children have different physical or cognitive abilities that make toilet training take longer or require creativity. Some families have busy lifestyles that make toilet training in the traditional manner less than ideal.

Use Wet-Stop3 To Resolve Your Child’s Bed-Wetting Without Embarrassment

Put an end to bedwetting by using a Wet-Stop3 Potty training is a daunting task, especially if your little one is prone to wetting the bed at night. Nighttime bed-wetting can be related to many different factors and can affect social life, stress levels and sleep patterns in for both your child and you. To […]

Buy Bedwetting Supplies And Rest Easier All Night Long

What can be used to manage bedwetting? Bedwetting is extremely common among adults, especially as they age. In fact, approximately one out of 100 adults experience bedwetting problems. A variety of factors can make this happen, from disease to stress, but today, there are products on the market that can protect people from accidents at […]

Enuresis and Wetting the Bed

Enuresis and Incontinence Problems Enuresis is one of the most common conditions causing problems for children and adults to hold urine. It usually occurs at night, and this version of the condition is called nocturnal Enuresis. Passing urine involuntarily while sleeping is more common among children, who don’t have the system in their brain set […]