What are the 4 key benefits of using alcohol-free hand sanitizer?

If you look around the general high-street stores, you’ll notice that nearly all hand sanitizers and hand gels contain alcohol. These hand sanitizers are more common now than ever before, with the COVID pandemic highlighting the importance of hand hygiene. The overall consensus seems to be that alcohol is needed to effectively kill germs and […]

Penis Pouch – Who Can Benefit?

Learn about the penis pouch and how it can help men with incontinence. From those suffering from urinary issues, to those with incontinence with retractive penises.

Incontinence can be an embarrassing situation, and if you are a sufferer then don’t fret, most people experience it at some point in their life. Incontinence has a lot of causes, from old age, to a recent surgery. It can be a messy situation, but with the right preparation you can reduce the public or private embarrassment and get yourself a product to help you deal with your incontinence either long-term, or while you are recovering. BioRelief has a full range of products, and one that is specific to men is the penis pouch, or sleeve.

Toilet Paper Rash Issues for Men and Women

Toilet Paper Rash Issues for Men and Women - toilet seat bidets

For those that don’t have the benefit of a bidet, sometimes you may end up with an irritation or rash that appears after using the bathroom. Don’t worry! There is a good chance that this is just caused by your toilet paper, and it is a common issue that comes to many people in their lives at some point or another. What you need to do next is important though, to try to avoid it continuing so you can go about your day in comfort again.

How to Use Poo Powder to Safely Dispose of Human Waste

poo powder by cleanwaste - powder to dispose of solid human waste camping or rv lifestyle

If you have ever been travelling across the country, taking pit stops at national parks, then you know that dealing with human waste is something you must consider. As well, just normal camping in the woods, if there aren’t facilities available, you’ll also be needing to deal with human waste. This can be dangerous if it isn’t handled right both for you, and the natural environment. However, there are products you can get to help you better handle your waste while camping or travelling, and one such product available from BioRelief is “Poo Powder.”

Alternatives to the Bedpan

Alternatives to the Bedpan - Biorelief blog article for portable urinals

When it comes to dealing with bathroom issues, not everybody is capable of using the toilet as well as they used to, whether it is from old age, a long term disability, or a medical procedure that has caused mobility issues. For those unable to get to the toilet on their own, or even with help, the most common alternative is the bedpan. The big issue with this is that a bedpan isn’t always the most comfortable thing especially if the disability gets in the way of its normal use and function.

Male Urinals Options for the Handicapped

male urinals for handicapped individuals - Biorelief blog article for portable urinals

Being handicapped or disabled can be a difficult existence for many, with less options being available when it comes to everyday personal activities. Using the bathroom can be arduous for some of those that are handicapped, especially if the proper facilities are not available to use at certain outdoor events, or when travelling in a vehicle where you may not be able to hold it in until the next rest stop. Well, the good news is that there are many alternative options available, and a lot of different designs of male urinals can be purchased online at BioRelief.

Why Are Toilet Seat Bidets and Accessories Gaining Popularity in the USA

Why Are Toilet Seat Bidets and Accessories Gaining Popularity in the USA

For decades the USA has lagged behind on one big bathroom toilet innovation, and that is the bidet. Throughout Japan, South America, and Europe you’ll see bidets everywhere, often in the form of either a squat basin next to the toilet, or a spout that is directly under the seat of the toilet. These bidets can take your hygiene cleanliness to the next level after a trip to the toilet, and they are easy to use and very affordable.

Why Does Good Personal Hygiene Make People Happy?

Why Does Good Personal Hygiene Make People Happy - BioRelief Blog

Personal hygiene is one of the most important parts of our daily lives, and we aren’t the only ones who love it. Spend any amount of time with a house cat and you will notice that they spend more time grooming than anything else. Part of this is because it’s advantageous to stay clean. But part of it is because personal grooming and hygiene feels good. In fact, we know that good personal hygiene has an impact on how we feel and on how people feel about us.

Overcoming the Challenges of Incontinence

Overcoming the Challenges of Incontinence - Products for Older Adults at BioRelief

Living with incontinence can be a struggle for some people. The worry it creates can cause you to miss out on doing the things you love. Without the right supports, incontinence can hold you back, but it doesn’t have to. Fortunately, making a few simple changes to your daily routine and using some innovative products can help you to get back some of your freedom.