Why Are Toilet Seat Bidets and Accessories Gaining Popularity in the USA

Why Are Toilet Seat Bidets and Accessories Gaining Popularity in the USA

For decades the USA has lagged behind on one big bathroom toilet innovation, and that is the bidet. Throughout Japan, South America, and Europe you’ll see bidets everywhere, often in the form of either a squat basin next to the toilet, or a spout that is directly under the seat of the toilet. These bidets can take your hygiene cleanliness to the next level after a trip to the toilet, and they are easy to use and very affordable.

Why Does Good Personal Hygiene Make People Happy?

Why Does Good Personal Hygiene Make People Happy - BioRelief Blog

Personal hygiene is one of the most important parts of our daily lives, and we aren’t the only ones who love it. Spend any amount of time with a house cat and you will notice that they spend more time grooming than anything else. Part of this is because it’s advantageous to stay clean. But part of it is because personal grooming and hygiene feels good. In fact, we know that good personal hygiene has an impact on how we feel and on how people feel about us.

Overcoming the Challenges of Incontinence

Overcoming the Challenges of Incontinence - Products for Older Adults at BioRelief

Living with incontinence can be a struggle for some people. The worry it creates can cause you to miss out on doing the things you love. Without the right supports, incontinence can hold you back, but it doesn’t have to. Fortunately, making a few simple changes to your daily routine and using some innovative products can help you to get back some of your freedom.

Uriwell: The Ultimate On-the-Go Potty Training Solution

Uriwell Portable Urinal - Expandable Urinal

For those looking for a different method of toilet training than traditional methods, the children’s unisex urinal, Uriwell, from Bio Relief is a great solution. By using a unisex urinal, you can do potty training in less conventional ways, without even needing a full toilet for the process.

Avoiding Unsafe Pit Stops for Restrooms

Avoiding Unsafe Pit Stops for Restrooms - truckers urinal and road trip relief

. Whether you’re a busy trucker pressed to meet deadlines, or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants family who love to spontaneously hit the road, here are some solutions you’ll wish you’d had years ago.

Potty Training Troubles? Here Are Some Tips

Potty Training Troubles - A Children’s Unisex Urinal Might Be the Answer

Helping children learn how to use the toilet can be a difficult journey. There are often added challenges that get in the way of a smooth transition from diaper to toilet.

Some children have different physical or cognitive abilities that make toilet training take longer or require creativity. Some families have busy lifestyles that make toilet training in the traditional manner less than ideal.

New Product Alert: Our Fabric Leg Straps with Buttons

Biorelief Post - Fabric Fitz All Leg Bag Straps

Wearing a leg bag can be hard, but it gets easier when you can manage it yourself as part of a routine. New products help, like these fabric leg straps with buttons.

No matter the situation, the more independence anyone has when it comes to time in the toilet room, the better. Everyone wants to be able to manage this on their own as much as possible, without discomfort or potential embarrassment. Having the most useful tools, advice, and support are a real relief, especially if you are new to catheter leg bags, and are a bit nervous.