Why is Silicone Male External Catheter better a than latex?

Silicone Male External Catheter vs. Latex When a male is diagnosed with urine incontinence is bedridden, or in a wheelchair and thus is unable to rise to urinate, a physician or caregiver may say that a catheter is necessary to take care of the urine. However, the antiquated manner of using a catheter has been […]

History of Male External Catheters

While there was a time when male incontinence required either internal catheterization or use of bulky, often uncomfortable and highly detectable incontinence pads, for instance, over the years a variety of individuals and companies began to research into different, more convenient and discreet measures to assist sufferers. It had long been known that glider pilots […]

Coloplast Award Winning Conveen Optima

Male urinary incontinence affects millions of men, both young and old, around the world. Although it is a problem that does become more common in older individuals, spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions, prostrate surgery and an array of other medical conditions all represent typical causes of incontinence even in young men. While effectively a health […]

Advantages of Catheterizing with Silicone Male External Catheter

Catheterization as part of incontinence management often fills the concerned individuals with dread. The thought of a tube being inserted into them is not a welcome one and many are aware of the trauma such an insertion can cause to a bladder. There is, however, an alternative option for male individuals requiring a catheter. The male […]

What is a Catheter

What is a catheter?  It is important to understand that there are different types of catheters.  In general terms catheterization is the process of catheterizing someone with a catheter.  Applying or inserting.  Any catheter that is inserted inside that body requires a prescription to purchase, and any catheterization should be performed by a trained professional […]

Male External Catheters and SCUBA Diving

If you are an experienced SCUBA diver, and have any information you can add to this post please feel free to leave your comments so that others may gain from your knowledge. Male External Catheters are used everyday for men to help manage their incontinence.  But there are other uses that surprise us that we […]