Relieve pain at home with ReBuilder 2407 Electronic Stimulator for diabetic neuropathy, muscle weakness, and soreness

Living with conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, muscle weakness, or soreness can be challenging, often accompanied by persistent pain and discomfort. While seeking professional medical guidance is crucial, having a reliable pain relief solution at home can greatly improve your daily life. The Rebuilder is an electronic stimulator that is an innovative device designed to […]

Why should we potty train our kids?

Learning to use the toilet is an important milestone for both caregivers and children. For caregivers, it means freedom from diapers and new worries about accidents. For a child, it is a step toward independence and self-sufficiency. Before you begin toilet training, it is important to know if the child is ready, how to help […]

Alternatives to the Bedpan

Alternatives to the Bedpan - Biorelief blog article for portable urinals

When it comes to dealing with bathroom issues, not everybody is capable of using the toilet as well as they used to, whether it is from old age, a long term disability, or a medical procedure that has caused mobility issues. For those unable to get to the toilet on their own, or even with help, the most common alternative is the bedpan. The big issue with this is that a bedpan isn’t always the most comfortable thing especially if the disability gets in the way of its normal use and function.

How People have Used BioRelief Products to Improve Their Lives

How People have Used BioRelief Products to Improve Their Lives

Most people don’t think twice when they see certain products, that they are just something that is there and available for people that need them – but, in the hands of those people that need them, they are everything. BioRelief has a whole host of products that are medical in nature and have helped thousands of people get past a medical issue, whether it’s something temporary, or just the new normal now that they are aging or had an onset of issues.

Potty Training Troubles? Here Are Some Tips

Potty Training Troubles - A Children’s Unisex Urinal Might Be the Answer

Helping children learn how to use the toilet can be a difficult journey. There are often added challenges that get in the way of a smooth transition from diaper to toilet.

Some children have different physical or cognitive abilities that make toilet training take longer or require creativity. Some families have busy lifestyles that make toilet training in the traditional manner less than ideal.

Four Facts About Incontinence In Men

Some more information dealing with Incontinence in Men Though they are less likely than women to suffer from urinary incontinence, about five million American men have bladder problems. What’s more, they are often uninformed about the issues that face people with incontinence. With that in mind, here are four facts men should know about bladder […]

What Types of Medical Equipment and Supplies Does Medicare Cover?

Does Medicare cover everything? Getting medical help you need can be confusing.  Medicare is a massive federal health program that subsidizes the disabled and people over the age of 65.  With tens of millions of enrollees, most of whom have their own health issues, it can be difficult to determine what medical equipment and supplies […]

Can’t Pee in Public? You May Have Paruresis

When someone can’t pee in public due to fear it is called paruresis One of the most common phobias, people who suffer from paruresis have a paralyzing fear of going to the bathroom in front of others. They are struck by a kind of stage fright or performance anxiety that makes it nearly impossible for […]

Why is a catheter in the bladder needed?

There is a misconception that a catheter in the bladder is only for the elderly. However, the fact is anyone can find themselves in an unfortunate situation that requires the use of a catheter. Depending on your situation your doctor might insert an Indwelling catheter, intermittent catheter, or apply a condom catheter. An indwelling catheter serves the […]