Benefits Of An External Catheter For Men

External Catheter for men managing incontinence An external catheter for men is an innovative design and simple to use urinary device which is able to help aid in the drainage of urine from the body when a person can’t get to the toilet in time or suffer from incontinence. These types of catheters also known as condom […]

Dealing With Urinary Incontinence in Men

Managing urinary incontinence in men Every day, more and more people are being diagnosed with urinary incontinence. This may not matter to you – you may think that you will never need to have to come to terms with it, that it is simply something which affects older people. The fact is though; urinary incontinence can […]

Finding an External Catheter for Men

Conveen Optima External Catheter for Men If you looking for an external catheter for men there are a few things that everyone should be made aware of. The very first thing to consider is what you need it for – while the use is a simple one, the key element is whether or not you are purchasing […]

Bedpan Liners are safe, friendly and cost effective saving time

Bedpan liners are a better way to clean up The common commode or bedpan in hospitals and home healthcare settings has historically proven to be problematic. Current procedures include carrying the soiled pail to a “hopper room”, discarding the waste into the hopper, and washing the pail with water. Most hospitals require the pail to […]

Portable toilets help with Urge Incontinence

One way to help manage Urge Incontinence Urge Incontinence is a common form of incontinence. This is when a person gets an urgent desire to pass urine and is sometimes unable to hold on and therefore may leak before reaching the restroom. The problem is due to an ‘over active bladder’ sending mixed messages to […]

Bed Pan Liners save Time in Cleaning

Bedpan Liners Make Clean Up easier Having to use a bedpan is not a very dignified experience at the best of times, and seeing a carer or nurse going off with a bowl full of personal waste, which can also be extremely smelly, to get it disposed off and cleaned up often leaves patients feeling […]

EZwee Urination Cup An Alternative to the Bedpan

The EZwee Urination Cup helps to take care of those pressing urinary needs you have to attend to when you can hardly move a notch. Getting sick and being hospitalized is a tough time, and it’s made even tougher when you have to go about your daily habits of digesting and of course expelling what […]