Can I use a urine leg bag while sleeping?

The process for attaching, removing, and cleaning urine drainage and leg bags is reviewed. Smaller bags used while awake need to be drained more frequently. A larger bag is used while sleeping. But first:

What is a urinary leg bag?

A urinary leg bag holds urine that drains from your catheter. It fits under your clothes and allows you to do your normal daily activities.

Attaching or removing a leg bag

The leg bag is attached to your leg and allows you to move around more easily. Because the bag is hidden under your clothes, it may also make you feel more comfortable about the catheter.

The best solution is to use a drainage bag at night, as part of an overnight link system. Using a 2 liter or 3 liter drainage bag in conjunction with the catheter valve will allow you to reap the benefits of the valve during the day without the worry of having to get up at night to empty your bladder.

When you go to bed, do not disconnect your catheter valve from the catheter or sheath. Insert the connector of the drainage bag into the sleeve at the bottom of your catheter valve (where the urine comes out). Once connected, open the tap of your catheter valve, as you would to drain it. Leave it open overnight and the urine will drain freely into the drainage bag. It is important to remember to place the drainage bag on a night stand at a level that is below your bed and bladder; urine cannot flow upwards so you need to ensure that there are no restrictions or issues with drainage.

What Should I do in the Morning?

After a good nights’ sleep, without the need to go to the toilet, you should find that your drainage bag contains any urine passed overnight. Before you disconnect the drainage bag, ensure you close the tap of your catheter valve. Empty the drainage bag and dispose of it with your household waste. The next night, connect a new drainage bag, do not reconnect a used drainage bag.

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