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buy Camping showersThroughout human history, people have had to deal with inconveniences related to using the toilet. In fact, the first portable toilets go all the way back to ancient Egypt when the design was simply a clay pot with a stool attached on top. These were highly prized and are often found buried in the ancient tombs of senior officials.

Nowadays, portable toilets are durable and can be handy for camping and many other occasions. BioRelief offers everything from portable toilets to camping showers, along with supplies and supplements to help with urological problems. If you’re looking to buy camping showers or portable toilets, contact us.

Throughout the Middle Ages, toilets were almost always portable, consisting of small round containers of metal or glass. They were called chamber pots because they were used in the privacy of the bedroom, but the contents were often just tossed out of a window.

The forerunner of the modern day portable toilet originated in Long Beach, California, during the 1940s, when the major industry was shipbuilding. Unfortunately, any time a worker needed to use the restroom, he had to leave the ship he was working on and go to the dock.

Finally, a builder realized the cost in man-hours from all of these long trips to the toilet, so he came up with a more convenient solution. He built a small wooden cabana with a holding tank, creating a portable toilet that could be placed on the ship. It worked so well and saved so much time for workers that the concept spread throughout the construction industry.

Of course, the idea has also been popular in the medical profession, hospitals and nursing homes where patients might have trouble getting to the bathroom. A portable solution is an important option that makes it more convenient for patients, sparing doctors and nurses from accidents.

Other uses include camping, traveling and wilderness adventures. BioRelief offers supplies that can make a camping trip more convenient from portable toilets to camping showers. We also carry a wide range of other urological supplies and supplements.

Whether you are a patient, a caregiver or just heading out for a weekend in the woods, we can make your life easier and more convenient. If you’re looking to buy camping showers or buy portable toilets, order online from BioRelief for great prices and discreet delivery. For more information about our products, Call Us At 877-782-3675 Today!


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