What can be used to manage bedwetting?

Incontinence Panties can help with bedwettingBedwetting is extremely common among adults, especially as they age. In fact, approximately one out of 100 adults experience bedwetting problems. A variety of factors can make this happen, from disease to stress, but today, there are products on the market that can protect people from accidents at night.

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The causes of adult bedwetting are varied and diverse. It might be something temporary like a urinary tract infection, or it might be anything from medication to excessive fluid intake, disease or anxiety. A doctor can make a proper assessment.

Some people deal with bedwetting their entire lives, but others don’t have any problems until they get older. Either way, the challenge of dealing with the problem, even in the privacy of the home, can be incredibly frustrating. Having to wash bed linens and blankets and clothes might be difficult, and it can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, preventing good sleep.

Possible causes of bedwetting in adults include diabetes, bladder or prostate cancer, urinary tract infections, sleep apnea and prostate enlargement. Doctors can test to see which one it might be through a physical exam or urine tests, and treatment will deal more with the underlying cause than the bedwetting itself.

Treatments might require behavior changes, such as reducing fluid intake before bedtime, or it might include devices like bedwetting alarms. It might involve medications, hormone replacements or even surgical procedures to enlarge the urethra.

The problem only gets worse if you have to spend the night away from home, on a business trip or visiting friends and family. The fear of having an accident might even prevent you from taking trips that you would otherwise take. If it’s an ongoing problem, it might have kept you from a lot of experiences in life.

However, there are products like Wearever underwear that can alleviate your concerns and allow you to take trips without fear. You can live your life without the anxiety related to bedwetting. There are other products that can help protect the mattress and bedding, so you don’t have to use plastic sheets or worry about keeping multiple sets of bedding.

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