More Americans are waking up and finding bidets are better for health

Bliss Bidet Toilet Seat-Side-ControlMany of us may think that bidets are for the wealthy class in America and foreigners, this stems from a certain taboo that still looms over the idea of a bidet in all bathrooms. Americans love their toilet paper, this is reflected in the almost $10 billion spent as a country just on toilet paper, but with a society shifting more towards a healthy culture……. will the bidet be the next step? If it is, there are positives that can make the transition easier.

The bidet offers minimal health benefits for men, but for women there are multiple advantages and can have an effect on urinary health. Women can help prevent urinary tract infections by using a bidet to clean away bacteria that toilet paper may miss. Anyone recovering from surgery or a woman recovering from childbirth can find relief in a bidet as it will be reduce possible irritation and the chance of reopening wounds.

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