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Urinary incontinence is a common problem in which you lose control of your bladder and experience urine leakage. It may be a small leak, or your bladder may release a large amount of urine, and leaks can occur occasionally or more frequently.  Whatever urinary incontinence looks like for you, it can be an inconvenient and […]

What are the 4 key benefits of using alcohol-free hand sanitizer?

If you look around the general high-street stores, you’ll notice that nearly all hand sanitizers and hand gels contain alcohol. These hand sanitizers are more common now than ever before, with the COVID pandemic highlighting the importance of hand hygiene. The overall consensus seems to be that alcohol is needed to effectively kill germs and […]

Eight tips for a healthier prostate

After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men, but this disease can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes or detected early. Today we will share with you eight tips for a healthier prostate: 1. Maintain a healthy weight: Obesity is linked to several prostate health issues, including prostate cancer. A […]

How heat and cold therapy help you?

When you injure yourself, you may reach for a hot or a cold pack.  Which option is better? Depends on the nature of your pain, what caused it and how long you’ve had it. Heat therapy, sometimes called thermotherapy, involves applying heat to an injury or painful area on the body. Cold therapy, or cryotherapy, […]

Make your flight journey comfortable with a Travel Pillow.

With the upcoming holiday, many of us will be traveling and the stress of traveling can have a negative impact on health and fitness. One thing we have found eases the stress of travel, is being as comfortable as possible while flying. A travel pillow can really help here and below are some travel pillow […]

Why should we potty train our kids?

Learning to use the toilet is an important milestone for both caregivers and children. For caregivers, it means freedom from diapers and new worries about accidents. For a child, it is a step toward independence and self-sufficiency. Before you begin toilet training, it is important to know if the child is ready, how to help […]

Good news if you’re worried about your prostate

Good news if you’re worried about your prostate health: What you eat can make a difference. “There is plenty of strong evidence that good nutrition and an active lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer and slow its progression,” says Mitchell Sokoloff M.D., Chair of the Department of Urology and Professor at the University […]