The Struggles of Having Functional Dependence

The Struggles of Having Functional Dependence - BioRelief Blog

Functional dependence stops people from having control of the activities they perform in their daily life; it can be due to age, disease or accidents. Whatever the reason an individual has to depend on others to execute activities most of the people just take for granted. This can develop other problems such as depression and isolation.

Wearable Urinals │ The Ultimate COVID-19 Personal Hygiene Tool

Public restrooms - use portable urinals to avoid public toilets

Nobody likes to use public restrooms and now that COVID-19 is taking a toll, the thought of using a public restroom is scarier than ever. Did you know there is a way to get around using public restrooms right now while maintaining the good hygiene you need? Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal are portable urinal kits that let you relive yourself in privacy without having to compromise social distance.

Using Silicone External Male Catheter Instead of Latex

Freedom Clear Male External Catheter

Urinary incontinence in men could be caused by a variety of issues, like: Old Age Debilitating Physical Disabilities Having Suffered Spinal Cord Injury Prostate Problems In such cases, a physician may recommend the use of a male catheter. This could be an external (latex or silicone external male catheter) or an indwelling catheter. Unfortunately, catheters […]

Applying the Conveen Optima Male External Catheter

Conveen Optima Male External Catheter

How to Apply the Coloplast Optima Male External Catheter 1. Trim pubic hair. 2. Clean penis with basic soap and warm water (no moisturizing soap or moisturizing shower gels). No moisturizing creams or talc. Dry thoroughly. 3. If any chance of a skin tear or the patient has sensitive skin, apply “non-sting” skin prep to […]