Bidets Prevent Rashes Caused with Toilet Paper

BB-1000 Bidet Toilet Seat

How to prevent rashes caused with toilet paper

Having to go to the toilet is a very natural function essential for our health. How we perform simple personal hygiene procedures afterwards can, however, cause us to develop rashes, piles and even serious infections. But there is a way to help prevent these conditions.

Every child is being taught to use sufficient toilet paper to clean themselves after having a bowel movement. This is all very well, but does it really clean that well? More to the point, what can scented toilet papers, so-called recycled, cheap papers and so on do to sensitive skin?

The answer is simple. It can cause the skin to break out in itchy, red spots and sores. These spots and sores can be scratched open or damaged the next time paper is used. While open sores are prone to get infected at the best of times, in this area they are particularly at risk because they are exposed to human waste products.

Let’s face it, even the best of toilet papers are rarely 100% effective. A person will wipe and rub until they believe they are clean enough, but at the end of the day, no one is able to really check all is well and few people would like someone else to take a quick peek for them.

So what can be done to ensure perfect personal hygiene without the risk of rashes, left over waste and worse? The answer is very simple: using an electric warm water bidet cleanses thoroughly, keeps the sensitive skin free from irritation and ensures freshness and health.

What’s more, with many modern electric, or electronic, bidets, there is no need to have a separate bidet in already tiny restrooms. They are designed to attach to the toilet in place of the old seat.

Here, they gently clean the area with jets of water, ensuring that all waste is removed without contortions, rubbing and irritation. Warm air then dries the area, further assisting in the prevention of rashes developing.

What is left is an individual feeling clean, fresh and more confident as they face the world. In addition, the fact that the hands are not coming into contact with waste also reduces the risk of spreading disease.

People using bidets thus not only ensure their own health with a bidet, but the health of their whole family and others. There is little else that provides so much peace of mind when it comes to restroom facilities.

People tend to shy away from investing in a bidet, because of the initial cost involved. They should consider the cost of toilet paper bought in a life time, plus the cost of creams, potions and who-knows-what to heal up rashes, piles, infections, etc.

They will soon realize that using a bidet is ultimately not only the healthiest, but also the most cost-effective solution for their personal hygiene and health routine.

Anyone wishing to ensure the perfect health of their family while saving incredible amounts of money in the long run should seriously consider installing an electric bidet in their restroom today.

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