Bidets Are Better Than Toilet Paper

Bidets Clean You Better Than Toilet Paper

BB-1000 Bidet Toilet SeatBidets are better than toilet paper. This is quite a statement and one might well ask “why?”. Allow me to explain.

First of all, as hard as everybody tries, there is never a guarantee that the use of toilet paper will actually result in perfect cleaning. It is, after all, a dry cleaning process and depending on the type of paper used, often more a case of spreading things, if being graphic may be excused for a moment, rather than actually removing them.

Secondly, repeated wiping, often applying pressure, can stress out the skin, making it sore in the process and adding to the risk of developing piles, or hemorrhoids. This is added to by chemicals within the paper potentially causing allergic reactions.

Some of the most comfortable feeling papers have added chemicals to provide sweet smells, soothing or cleansing action, etc. While this is obviously well meant, sensitive skin may well react with rashes and sores.

Recycled paper, often more rough to the touch to start with, also contains chemicals, some of which have not even been added deliberately. Manufacturers of recycled toilet paper often use sources like thermal printed receipts, newspapers, cardboard boxes, magazines and so on.

Naturally, they go to great lengths to clean these base materials, but some chemicals can not be removed. While many of these chemicals may have little or no effect on human skin, others can present serious risks.

BPA, or Bisphenol A, is one of these more serious chemicals. It is usually introduced into toilet papers through the use of thermal printed papers as base material. It is known to be an endocrine disruptor capable of mimicking natural hormones and causing serious health effects through regular exposure.

In comparison, a bidet will clean the area gently with jets of warm water. This ensures perfect cleaning and freshness every time. As no rubbing is required, the skin is not stressed and it is less likely for piles to develop.

Because no chemicals are introduced to the skin, there is no danger of irritation or allergic reactions, either. The skin is then dried with warm air, further reducing the risk of becoming sore through remaining dampness.

To add to the benefits of a bidet, the fact that no hands are necessary during the cleaning process not only saves an individual having to turn into a contortionist, it also prevents waste from touching the hands and thereby greatly reduces the ever present risk of accidentally spreading bacteria or viruses.

Apart from these very obvious benefits, bidets are also more environmentally friendly, because toilet paper is no longer flushed down the toilet to cause problems through clogging and chemicals entering the system (not to mention the environmental effects of its production).

To make use of a bidet even more attractive, it is also much more cost-effective than toilet paper. The initial outlay and cost, electricity and water used are way below the cost involved in buying toilet paper and potions to counteract its effects.

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