Bidet seats are alternatives to traditional porcelain bidet units

BB-1000 Bidet Toilet SeatIf you are thinking about installing a Bidet you may want to consider an Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat instead. Unlike traditional porcelain Bidets which are stand alone devices often situated next to the toilet, Bidet Toilet seats simply replaces your existing toilet seat and converts conventional toilets into Bidets as and when it is required. A two in one toilet and Bidet combined. Bingo!

The advantages of using the Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat mean that you can reduce costs which are incurred by fitting porcelain versions which require plumbing and labor and let’s not forget porcelain units only wash, they do not dry and you may still need to use toilet paper for that, that’s extra cost! The Bidet seat is a toilet seat that simply replaces the one you already have and can easily be installed independently. The device will suit all members of your house old so you do not need to have more than one toilet to be able to have one.  There is no need to have extra large bathrooms or be thinking about extending your existing space to have one fitted because the space saving Bidet Toilet Seat requires no extra room.  In fact it’s a similar size to most conventional toilet seats. Not only will you save in the ways already mentioned but also you can save and cut costs on toilet paper usage because cleanses and dries you. Let’s not forget that the less paper you use the more you do to save our planet! Costs can be cut in many ways with Bidet Toilet Seats.

Let me bore you with some scientific facts to put things into perspective,

Americans consume 15,000 000 trees a year due to toilet tissue usage and by the end of 2003 it actually reached a staggering 100 million rolls per day. Wow! Although we all know recycling is encouraged and acted upon nowadays the truth is we still see 297,000 trees destroyed, 1.2 million cubic feet of landfill space being filled unnecessarily, equal to 1,400 full garbage trucks and 122 million gallons of waste water that could easily supply water to 3,500 families of four every single year! Yes, we can do our bit to preserve the environment and there are many ways of doing so but when you realize what negative effects toilet paper usage can actually have your left asking yourself why we even bother. The answer is simple really; replacing toilet seats with a Bidet toilet seats can save us in many ways.

The conclusion, Bidet toilet seats may not be cheaper than porcelain units itself but when you take into consideration the installation costs and the need to still use toilet paper I’m sure you will agree that in the long term Bidet Toilet Seats are the cheaper alternative.

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