Bidet Advantages for vision impaired

A Bidet Toilet Seat can assist those who are vision impaired

Bidet Toilet Seat for vision impairedBidets can have many advantages for vision impaired senior citizens and the blind because as it’s a hands-free device it enables them to have the independence to assist themselves. Nowadays senior citizens can feel free from embarrassment or feeling ashamed by using a bidet as it is no longer necessary to have a carergiver for those very private moments. Allowing the Blind and senior citizens that feeling of confidence and dignity in being able to clean properly and independently, will help gain back that self confidence.

How do you use a bidet toilet seat? It’s very simple as the individual only their existing toilets seat on a regular toilet and the cleaning is done with jets of water. Models providing warm water cleaning of the rectal area and a warm air dryer makes it trouble-free and comfortable. There is no need for toilet paper and therefore it’s less likely that any contamination will occur. The bidet can helps towards improving a person’s personal hygiene since its totally hands-free meaning that they don’t have to guess if they are clean.

There are many disadvantages of using dry toilet paper. Dry toilet paper cannot clean your delicate surfaces effectively and this can lead to irritations. Over time the use of dry paper will only lead to bacteria growth and infections. Paper is merely a great way of spreading these infectious bacteria around. Bacteria can lead to hemorrhoids, and sores and possibly urinary tract infections. Continuing with the paper causes greater risk of irritation of those sensitive areas, along with increased bleeding and itching. This scenario does not happen to everyone but many can relate to problems caused by using toilet paper. For the Blind or Elderly whose vision is not as it used to be how can toilet paper be effective? Using toilet paper can be a very difficult or impossible task as they cannot see what they are doing and therefore are not going to know if they cleaned up efficiently.

The blind and vision impaired Senior citizens are at risk of infection as the job of cleaning up at the toilet is far more troublesome for them. Let’s not forget, it could be that they are reluctant to ask for help too, because of the feeling of embarrassment and humiliation. The benefits of using a bidet toilet seat are many, and even doctors are now seeing the advantages and practicality of them.

The Bidet Toilet Seat is a great aid and will help assist any senior citizen with vision loss or those that are permanently blind making their lives that little bit more comfortable.

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