Benefits of a Bidet Advantages for Senior Citizens

The Benefits of a Bidet for Senior Citizens

BB-1000 Bidet Toilet SeatPersonal hygiene is a main priority for any individual wishing to remain healthy. Bidets provide far more  effective personal hygiene than toilet paper can provide, as it not only gently cleans sensitive areas, it allows individuals to do so hands free.

This not only makes personal hygiene more effective and easier, it also reduces the risk of germs being spread by hands becoming contaminated.

General Benefits of a Bidet

As well as the obvious reduction of health risks through contamination, using a bidet prevents the occurrence of rashes, constipation and soreness, itching or bleeding of hemorrhoids often caused by use of toilet paper.

Being cleansed by a warm, gentle flow of water, followed by the gentle, warm action of an air dryer gives users a feeling of freshness, security and the confidence of being clean.

For the elderly, a bidet can mean the restoration of dignity they feel they may have lost by needing to have assistance for cleaning up. Many senior citizens will at some point or another use the ability to clean themselves properly after they have been to the toilet.

Requiring assistance leaves them feeling ashamed and helpless. Being able to use a bidet allows them to perform this simple task of personal hygiene hands free and in comfort. They are able to do this for themselves and without a carer. This removes the embarrassment and perceived loss of dignity and gives them a renewed self confidence.

This also applies to many people who are handicapped and would need assistance without the use of a bidet. Knowing that they can use a bidet to perform their own very personal hygiene process restores both dignity and self confidence.

This ultimately enhances the quality of life for both senior citizens and disabled individuals. With their dignity intact, renewed self confidence and the secure knowledge that they are clean and fresh, many find that life in general is much more enjoyable for them.

Hand held, battery operated portable bidets make it possible for them to take this comfort wherever they go, allowing them to lead a much fuller, more independent life free from embarrassment, while at the same time ensuring perfect personal hygiene at all times.

While being of advantage both in a sense of personal hygiene and general health and safety for users of all ages, there is no doubt what-so-ever that the use of a bidet can greatly benefit and enhance in particular the life of senior citizens and disabled individuals.

It allows for independence, self confidence and dignity, while assuring first class personal hygiene, protection from infections and prevention of complaints like itching, soreness and rashes so often a result of using harsh toilet paper or other cleansing wipes in sensitive areas.

At the same time, it frees carers to spend more quality time with their charges and provide cheerful company, as opposed to representing an embarrassing presence resented and disliked by them simply because of the necessary assistance they have to provide.

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