Benefits Of An External Catheter For Men

External Catheter for men managing incontinence

Conveen Optima External Catheter for menAn external catheter for men is an innovative design and simple to use urinary device which is able to help aid in the drainage of urine from the body when a person can’t get to the toilet in time or suffer from incontinence. These types of catheters also known as condom or Texas catheters are designed with form-fitting cups that are more comfortable and safer than indwelling catheters which are inserted into the bladder. External catheters designed for men, although a female version is available, they allow for a person to easily self cath by simply fitting the catheter over the penis and connecting the tubing to a drainage bag. This bag can be easily strapped to a leg, wheelchair, or bed frame, and can be effortlessly emptied and changed when full.

These types of urinary devices can be either disposable or reusable depending on the brand and manufacturer. The disposable ones are designed to be thrown away after about 1 day of use and can be used as a temporary solution. The reusable McGuire catheters, however, are designed to be easily washed and reused over a longer period of time by men that are more active. They also provide a safer solution than inserting an indwelling catheter, but these are not the most comfortable to wear, and can be less comfortable than a condom cath.

An advantage of using an external catheter for men is that compared to an indwelling catheter it isn’t as painful when using. Because it is external, it easily fits over the penis comfortably (similar to a condom) and doesn’t cause pain from inserting any tubing through the urethra. It also provides quick movement, and can be easily taken off and disposed of when finished.

Another advantage of using a urinary device like this is that it can be easily worn in public without drawing attention to itself. Because of the unique design, the catheter is easily placed over the penis while the collection bag is connected to a leg by its straps. When it comes time to emptying the bag in public, all you have to do is simply go to a public toilet and empty the contents.

One more benefit is that they are available in many different sizes. These catheters can cater for many different sizes of men and can be suitable for all ages to help reduce embarrassing leakage from incontinence. They are soft and comfortable for the wearer, and reduces the need to ask for help when going to the toilet. Caregivers’ workload, in some cases, is reduced allowing for them to address more important conditions that you may have.

One disadvantage to using an external catheter for men is that is that if not changed or cleaned properly, skin irritation may result from bacteria buildup. When using this form of urinary device it is important that you keep the penis and catheter clean at all times to ensure developing bacteria doesn’t collect and cause problems. Anytime that there is a problem using an device like a catheter it is important to contact a physician the moment any problem arises.   Following the simple rules of keeping good personal hygiene should prevent any potential problems.

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