Bedpan Liners are safe, friendly and cost effective saving time

Bedpan liners are a better way to clean up

Bedpan LinersThe common commode or bedpan in hospitals and home healthcare settings has historically proven to be problematic. Current procedures include carrying the soiled pail to a “hopper room”, discarding the waste into the hopper, and washing the pail with water. Most hospitals require the pail to be sanitized. However rarely is a final sanitation step included where the pails are completely sanitized with hospital strength disinfectant.

If a disinfectant is used, most brands require an exposure time of 10 minutes to kill significant organisms. Cross-contamination is highly likely from carer to patient when following this procedure and on average it will take a care worker at least 7 minutes to carry out this cleaning procedure. The care bag is a great time saving option for all nurses and carers as it prevents bedpans and commodes from being soiled therefore saves cleaning time and allows them that extra valuable time to care for patients instead. Bed linen and clothing are less likely to be soiled too when using bedpan liners.

One of the more unpleasant jobs for any nurse or a carer is cleaning bedpans and for the patient this can be rather embarrassing and unpleasant too. The bed pan liner is designed to tackle all those kind of problems. It is a unique and easy to close drawstring bag fitted with a super absorbent gel pad. This patented gel technology works quickly by being able to solidify feces and urine as and when it comes into contact with its active principles. On average it takes around 5 seconds to solidify 500ml of waste.

Usually contamination is transmitted through the air when bed pans are left uncovered but can also be spread around whilst transporting and even depositing waste down the toilet, splashes are also likely to happen without the use of bed pan liners. Bed pan liners are simple and easy to use and it comes as one roll of tear off bags. A bag is placed over the bedpan and after use the pull string chords when pulled will seal it shut. Any contamination’s, bacteria (Clostridium Difficile in diarrhea!) that can cause potential infections are quickly sealed within the bag to help preserve hygiene to greater standards.

In our current climate when green peace is promoted greatly bedpan liners are a fully OXO-Biodegradable meaning that they can safely disposed of in ordinary waste bins and are safe to buried in landfill sites. In cost conscious times for all health services the bed pan liner are an inexpensive cost efficient solution. In the US 13 out of 1,000 people are infected with Clostridium Difficile from diarrhea with up to 438 deaths every day, costing the healthcare a staggering $50 million.

In a nutshell bedpan liners are time saving, budget friendly, preserve patient dignity, biodegradable and odor eliminators because of the drawstring mechanism and more importantly completely hygienically friendly as carers and patients are less likely to come in to contact with feces and urine, reducing the chances of spreading any highly infectious bacteria around. This very simple invention can help reduce the spread of infections and diseases in hospitals and care homes.

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