Bed Pan Liners save Time in Cleaning

Bedpan LinersBedpan Liners Make Clean Up easier

Having to use a bedpan is not a very dignified experience at the best of times, and seeing a carer or nurse going off with a bowl full of personal waste, which can also be extremely smelly, to get it disposed off and cleaned up often leaves patients feeling even more embarrassed, even if they have thoughtfully placed some tissue or a paper towel over it.

The Care Bag bedpan liners not make cleaning up a far less dreadful task for carers and nurses, the also provide a little more dignity and less embarrassment for patients.

These hermetic drawstring bags are fitted with a super absorbent Gel Max gel pad. The active components of this gel solidify up to 500 ml of waste in a matter of seconds. The bags are provided in easy to tear off rolls, are simply placed over the bed pan and can be closed quickly and easily by pulling the strings after use.

The solidified, as well as any excess unsolidified waste, is thus protected from spillages and odors are shut in. As any bacteria and possible infections are also contained within the bag, these liners are excellent in particular where there is a risk of passing on nosocomial diseases.

As the bed pan itself remains clean in the process, carers and nurses have to spend less time cleaning them and can use their time more effectively for direct care of patients. Home health carers and district nurses, as well as nursing homes and hospitals greatly benefit from the advantages of Care Bag bed pan liners.

Not only do they have to spend less time doing one of the most unpleasant jobs in their occupation, they are also able to spend more time actually looking after patients. Patients, on the other hand, benefit from the liners through the reduced risk of spillages and the preservation of their dignity in already distressing enough situations.

In times where every organization, including health services, has to ensure that costs are being kept at a minimum, the Care Bag bed pan liners also provide a far more cost-effective, inexpensive alternative to staff having to spend hours washing and disinfecting bed pans.

As the bags are completely oxo-biodegradable, it is possible for home carers and district nurses to simply dispose off them as part of the household waste., because the bags are safe to be buried in landfill sites among other degradable waste.

Summary of he Benefits of Care Bag Bed Pan Liners

Bed pan liners preserve the dignity of patients by allowing them to close the bags before the carer or nurse has to remove them. Nurses and carers have to spend less time doing an unpleasant job and are able to spend more time with their patients.

The bed pan liners allow for greater hygiene and improved health and safety for both carers and patients by reducing the risk of infections, as well as being a more cost-effective solution for health services.

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