Available Alternatives to the Uroclub

A few years ago, a gag gift made a real splash on the golf course, and that was the Uroclub. The Uroclub was a portable urinal, cleverly disguised as a golf club, so that you can relieve yourself on the course and empty it back to the club house later on. A great product for those with incontinence or bladder issues that need to frequently pee, but what ever happened to the product?

You can no longer purchase the Uroclub via their website (the website is still there, but the ordering function is no longer available), and you can’t get it via other retailers either. Although most people probably purchased it as a gag or prank gift anyways, it did have some use for certain people. So, what are you to do on the golf course now, if you need to answer the call of nature but want to do it quickly and discreetly?

BioRelief, as always, is there to help you with your incontinence, and portable urinal needs, and if the Uroclub isn’t available anymore, then there are other options available via the BioRelief website, such as the Stadium Pal/Gal, Uriwell, and The Little John Portable Urinal.

Stadium Pal/Gal

The Stadium Pal and Gal are great little inventions that make discreetly urinating in public easy. Biotechnology at its finest, the Stadium Pal originated as a health care product for incontinence by the home health care industry, but found many uses outside of everyday health care. With its discrete inner calf strapped bag, and an external catheter, the stadium pal can be used in a whole host of situations, beyond just normal health care incontinence.

Those taking long bike trips enjoy the use of the Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal, as well as those that are enjoying a baseball game and don’t want to use the public facilities. It can also be used for situations such as fishing, flying, concerts, hunting, long distance travelling, and many other public events.

Uriwell Unisex Personal Portable Urinal

The Uriwell is a great solution for those long trips, whether they are on a bike, or in a car. This collapsible unisex personal portable urinal takes up very little space and can expand when needed. It is great for relief on the go in an emergency if you are too far away from a public toilet. The design means it can be used for both men and women. But, it also has the added benefit as being able to be used for potty training children. Being on the move often means children need to go when you aren’t at home, and this can break some potty training routines. The Uriwell allows you to continue potty training, even when not at home.

The Little John Portable Urinal

Another option for those dealing with daily incontinence, or to have on hand in the car or camping trip for emergencies is the Little John Portable Urinal, and optional Lady J Female Adaptor. This little device is a portable handheld latrine, and its simple design makes it easy to use for anybody. It is useful for boaters, pilots, disabled peoples, travelers, and sporting events.

If you deal with incontinence, or just want to have something on hand in case of an emergency, you can get any of the above products, and more, at the online store of BioRelief.

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