Applying the Conveen Optima Male External Catheter

Conveen Optima Male External Catheter

How to Apply the Coloplast Optima Male External Catheter

1. Trim pubic hair. 2. Clean penis with basic soap and warm water (no moisturizing soap or moisturizing shower gels). No moisturizing creams or talc. Dry thoroughly. 3. If any chance of a skin tear or the patient has sensitive skin, apply “non-sting” skin prep to the portion of the penis that will be in contact with the MEC adhesive. 4. If uncircumsized, do not pull back the skin. Leave in its natural state. 5. Measure the circumference of the penis, using the measuring guide. Measure the widest part of the non-erect penis. If the penis circumference is in-between two sizes, select the smaller size. Selecting the larger size can result in wrinkles, which can trap urine and promote eventual detachment of the catheter. 6. Using the ruler, determine the appropriate sheath length: Standard (about 4 inches/10cm) or Sport (about 2 inches/5cm), keeping in mind that you do not want any excess roll/sheath. 7. If you choose the Sport but there is still excess sheath, use blunt nose scissors to remove the excess sheath. 8. Open the correct size of sheath, place near the glans (head of the penis), pull the tab down slowly rolling the sheath onto the penis, keeping about a ¼”- ¾” (1-2cm) gap between the penis tip and the outlet tube. Ensure a smooth application without ripples, ridges or wrinkles. If you do have ripples, re-size and apply slowly. 9. Once the catheter is rolled onto the penis, gently squeeze the catheter around the shaft of the penis for a few seconds to ensure adhesion. 10. No additional adhesive is necessary. DO NOT TAPE. 11. Connect the leg bag or bedside drainage bag, inserting the connector of the tubing deep into the full length of the catheter tip. Otherwise, you chance this disconnecting. 12. Removal: CHANGE THE CATHETER DAILY, including a thorough skin inspection to ensure skin integrity. First, detach the catheter from the urine collection system. Then, slowly roll the catheter off the penis. 13. If sheath does not roll off easily, you can use warm soapy water or adhesive remover to aid in the removal process.

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