Alternatives to the Bedpan

When it comes to dealing with bathroom issues, not everybody is capable of using the toilet as well as they used to, whether it is from old age, a long term disability, or a medical procedure that has caused mobility issues. For those unable to get to the toilet on their own, or even with help, the most common alternative is the bedpan. The big issue with this is that a bedpan isn’t always the most comfortable thing especially if the disability gets in the way of its normal use and function.

For those looking for an alternative, BioRelief offers several options, from portable urinals, to external catheters to fit your needs.

Portable Urinals

Anybody who has been in the hospital has likely seen a portable urinal, especially if they had to wait in the emergency room for a while, or a doctor required a urine sample. These small contraptions are perfect for collecting urine, not only in the hospital, but in your home bed as well. They are very convenient so long as you don’t need to defecate at the same time. Portable urinals come in various forms, such as the Bagless Comfort Fire Male Urinal, or the Little John Portable Urinal. For women, there are attachments such as the Lady J Female Adapter to make using the Little John easy for women, or various options such as the SheWee Portable Urinary Device. There are also unisex options available for portables, like the Uritravel Disposable Unisex Portable Urinal.

The other convenience of the portable urinals is that they can be used as more than just alternatives to bedpans. They can be used on long travelling trips, or events where needing a portable urinal is going to be more convenient than waiting in long lineups for facilities, or when traveling with incontinence.

External Catheters

External catheters can be used as another alternative to a bedpan. Again, this option is generally for only urine. With external catheters, there’s the conveniences of being able to fit it for overnight use, so it is great for incontinence. Fitted external catheters are available with the option for leg bags, or bedside mounted urinal bags. Stadium Pal is one such option for mounting on your leg during the night.

Bedside Urinals

Bedside urinals are another alternative to bed pans. They generally hook into a bedside mounted bag for easy collection and disposal of urine. The Advantage Beside Urinal is one such option for both men and women. These can be particularly easy to use if you have a caregiver that helps with daily and nighttime routines.

Bedpan Alternatives

If you are looking for a selection of bedpan alternatives, then look no further than the quality selection on the BioRelief online store. If you have any questions about any of the products, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support for more information.

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