Alert: Scams Misusing Our Brand

Urgent Attention, BIORELIEF.COM Community!

It has come to our attention that a concerning situation has arisen involving our brand. Multiple reports have surfaced regarding unsolicited phone calls claiming purchases of CBD gummies from our website. We want to emphasize that these calls and the associated website,, have absolutely no affiliation with us.

As dedicated providers of incontinence products, our foremost priority is to serve our customers with integrity and trust. However, it has come to our dismay that individuals are exploiting our brand name for fraudulent purposes, particularly targeting those interested in CBD products.

The website, with its strikingly similar URL, is misleading customers and falsely linking our brand to these deceptive activities. We want to assure our community and the public that we have no connection whatsoever with

Should you receive any suspicious calls or encounter during your search for CBD products, please be aware that it is not affiliated with BIORELIEF.COM in any way. We strongly advise exercising caution and vigilance when sharing personal information online and encourage reporting any fraudulent activities promptly.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best Regards,

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