As biotechnology is advancing, more options are available to aid in coping with incontinence, hygiene, health care, and most things body related to the smallest aches and pains. At BioRelief.com we have forged relationships with leading health care supply companies, giving us the capability to offer a wider range of products.

Our mission is to offer relief to people dealing with incontinence issues and to promote better health through hygiene.

To greater fulfill our mission, BioRelief.com is continuously publishing content on topics related to incontinence solutions for men and women, the importance of hygiene in order to live healthier, and research on biotechnological solutions in the market. Let us know your questions and feedback, the content of BioRelief.com is in tune to answering your concerns.

The products showcased in the store can provide relief to people during recovery, disable individuals, the elderly, even while camping and through natural disasters! Check out the great selection of incontinence products, portable toilets, and other health care related items.


The Liberated Spectator

You’ve come to know The Liberated Spectator as a place to go for the products you need to maintain your lifestyle. We’ve helped thousands of men and women with incontinence. Just as you did with the Liberated Spectator, you can rely on BioRelief.com to provide the latest incontinence products and the most up-to-date information on the medical condition.

Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal

The Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal are the ultimate portable urinal, and has opened the doors for many other users. Long distance Motor Cycle riders that participate in the Iron Butt have found that the Stadium Pal and Gal is an absolute necessary. Para Gliders that spend hours in the air have found its uses immeasurable. Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve at Times Square, and the list goes on and on. Since its popularity, its actual use is sometimes over looked. Many men and women who have experienced a prostate problem have found that the Stadium Pal and Gal is just what they were looking for.