A Bariatric Bench Should Be Comfortable

A Bariatric Bench Helps with Bathing

Moen Transfer BenchA bariatric bench is a heavy-duty seating product that is intended to allow very large or obese people to get into a shower by sliding into place on top of the bench. It provides extra stability for those who need it, and typically offers extra wide seating for comfort.

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The Benefits of Bariatric Seating

If you are significantly overweight, you know how embarrassing or uncomfortable a trip to the doctor’s office, the dentist or to any other waiting room can be. Trying to find appropriate seating can be awkward and unpleasant. It’s bad enough to deal with this when you are out and about, but nobody wants to have to deal with it at home.

You’re left with an unhappy choice: either squeeze yourself into a chair that doesn’t fit and might even break, or you get to just stand up the whole time with aching feet and back. Neither option is any fun, and you might just be tempted to leave the office altogether and skip your appointment.

Of course, if you are a medical professional, you know how hard it can be when an overweight patient comes to visit your office, and you don’t have chairs that can easily accommodate them. This can be embarrassing and inconvenient.

If a visitor ends up getting hurt because a chair can’t hold their weight, then you get to worry about the whole issue of liability, not to mention the cost of replacing the chair. In the end, don’t you want your patients and visitors to feel comfortable and welcomed into your office?

This is where a bariatric bench can make a huge difference. They are not just useful for getting in and out of the shower. They can also be great alternative seating when a visitor who is significantly overweight comes to your office.

These sturdy benches can accommodate anywhere from 300 pounds up to 900 pounds or more depending on the design. They offer extra wide seats with built-in handles and back for support, and they are made from sturdy and durable materials such as furniture-grade PVC and aluminum.

At BioRelief, we offer many useful products to make life more comfortable and convenient for people dealing with a variety of health issues. We carry many incontinence-related products, and we ship discreetly to protect your privacy.

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