3 Ways Using A Shower Chair Is Helpful

The right Shower Chair can make bathing easier

Moen Shower ChairA Shower chair is a wonderful accommodation for the elderly or disabled who have difficulty controlling balance or mobility. With physical challenges, standing in the shower can be difficult and may require the use of a shower chair to protect from the possibility of slipping and falling.

Why Might A Shower Chair Be Necessary?

1. Accommodation

With age, mobility and physical ability may become compromised. A shower chair is an important addition to giving those who are wheelchair bound or have trouble standing for longer lengths of time the opportunity to shower with ease.

2. Safety

Slip and fall accidents can cause extensive injury, especially to those who are older or handicapped. Broken bones, head injuries and the possibility of drowning are all a huge cause for concern when considering a fall in the shower. Using a shower seat enables the user to feel more secure showering with privacy.

3. Relaxation

With physical needs provided for and safety no longer a major concern, the shower chair user can focus on relaxing during their time in the shower. Removing these external stressors can help the nerves and muscles relax, as well as the mind.

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