Freedom Cath Male External Catheter from Coloplast

If latex allergies are a concern, choose the 100% latex-free Freedom Clear Catheters.


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Product Snapshot

The Freedom Cath is a 100% Latex external male catheter. The soft latex has a double-thick bulb and stem prevent kinking and twisting of the catheter. The stretchable latex will expand if an erection occurs, and will stay secure during normal everyday use.

  • 100% Latex
  • Easy to use
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Use with leg bag
  • Kink-resistant nozzle
  • Freedom Cath Male External Catheter from Coloplast

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    Because the latex is more porous the adhesive lining inside the catheter does not seem as strong as with the silicone models. Some men prefer this style of male catheter because it makes the removal of the catheter much easier.

    The disadvantage of this catheter is that it is 100% latex. Some men may experience a rash due to the latex. The latex is also a thicker material than the silicone catheters, so they may notice the wearing of it.

    If you experience a rash from using this style of male catheter we suggest that you stop using it, and switch to a silicone style like the Freedom Clear male catheter, or the Conveen Optima. These male external catheters are safe to use for almost all men.

    To assist with the removal of the silicone catheters for men who find the adhesive aggressive we suggest using a Skin Barrier before applying the catheter. By using a Skin Barrier you create what we like to call a fake layer of skin between the male catheter and the skin. So the adhesive inside the catheter is not coming in contact with the skin, but the barrier itself. The Skin Barrier is easily removed with regular soap and warm water. The same skin barrier can also be used with the Freedom Cath.

    The Freedom Cath are available in 4 sizes. Small, Medium, Intermediate, and Large.

    It is recommended that the skin should be cleaned with a mild soap that does not contain moisturizers.

    How to choose a catheter size

    To determine the correct size of male external catheter needed use the sizing guide we have provided. Print this PDF file out, and cut out the half circles. Rest it across the penis while in a relaxed state. If you see that are you in between 2 sizes we suggest that you size down. Once the catheter is rolled on and in place you can use a blunt pair of scissors to snip the roll at the base of the catheter to release any pressure you may feel.


    If latex allergies are a concern, choose the 100% latex-free Freedom Clear Catheters.

    Manufacturer SKU 8000, 8200, 8205, 8400, CP-8300
    Manufacturer Coloplast
    Brand Coloplast
    HCPCS Code A4349
    NDC # No
    Product Specifications No
    1. Great product, but some inconveniences Review by Gary

      I'm very pleased with the overall results of the Biorelief system. It has enabled me to function when I would not have been able to otherwise. However, this latest batch of external catheters I purchased caused some inconvenience: Previously, I received the completely clear catheters. The last batch is a slightly different design (beige colored), which is not a problem except that they seem to be slightly smaller than the previous ones of the same measurement (31mm). I've really had to struggle to get them on. I think this new design is actually better than the old--if you get the right size. (Posted on 1/19/14)

    2. Great product Review by Raymac

      Traveling a lot cross country, this allows me to not make s frequent stops. Love the whole line of products. (Posted on 1/2/14)

    3. Better results Review by Dave

      I had better results with this catheter. It did not stretch nearly as much as the one I used before. Secure fit but easier to remove. (Posted on 12/12/13)

    4. Freedom at last Review by Stu

      Went on a long road trip -4 800 kms. Worked like a bomb especially in the light of the fact that I recently had surgery and had to "go" on the hour. :) (Posted on 7/18/13)

    5. Works very well Review by Leaky

      I have been using these catheters for some time and this is what I have found – they work very well and are good for extended use up to three days. Beyond that the adhesive breaks down and there is a chance of a leak. The catheters are made of what looks like latex and has a fine powder in the part that attaches to the collection hose. An alcohol prep rolled up to swab out the powder there helps assure a secure attachment. If using this continually, hygiene is a must! At least two collection bags should be used in rotation while the unused bag/hose is flushed out then filled with mild bleach/water until used again. Save the plugs supplied with your new bag to cap off the hose during sanitation. (Posted on 6/6/13)

    6. very satisfied customer!!! Review by AVINASH

      It is my first time purchasing from this company and I am very satisfied with all aspects of this transaction, I would definetly be a purchasing again. (Posted on 4/7/12)

    7. Good product Review by Frank

      Good service (Posted on 1/27/12)

    8. It's given me back my confidence and active life style. Review by Thomas

      I'm very active in my retirement and this product has allowed be to maintain my active life while eliminating embarrassing accidents I was having with alternative solutions. Deliveries are timely and the packaging is discreet. I will continue to use your service.
      (Posted on 4/21/11)

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    F.A.Q. & Care Information


    Sizing Cart
    Male external catheter chart
    click here

    External Self-Catheters
    The male external catheter system (such as Mentor's Freedom Cath®) is a convenient, clean and comfortable method for dealing with a problem that has probably caused you physical, social, and psychological distress. The system consists of a male external catheter (or condom catheter) and a urine collection bag. The condom catheter is a soft sheath that rolls onto the penis just like a regular condom, except it has a specially-designed funnel end that connects to a drain tube and into a urine collection bag.

    With some preparation, your system will become as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. To get started, you?ll need to choose the type and size of external catheter and leg bag that is best suited to your own anatomy and lifestyle. Then learn the proper method of putting on, connecting, and removing the system, along with how to care for yourself and your system.

    There are several types and sizes of external catheters and leg bags. You should select the one that works best for you. For more information on the various external catheters available through Mentor, please visit Mentor Daily Management products.

    How To Use
    Once you've selected the catheter and urinary drainage bag you'll be using, you're ready to put it all together and start enjoying a new, stress-free way of managing urinary incontinence.

    Putting on your catheter:   Male external catheter chart

    You'll get the best results in managing your incontinence by using the right size catheter. A sizing guide is available to make it easy to choose the appropriate size for you. You can get one from your nurse or doctor, home healthcare dealer, or by calling Mentor's customer service. Freedom® Male External Catheters, designed to keep you comfortable and secure during normal everyday use, come in five sizes to ensure a precise fit. (For detailed descriptions, please see Mentor Daily Management products.)

    Before you put on your condom catheter, be sure that your penis is clean and totally dry.
  • Wash with soap and water and pat dry. Allow your skin to air dry for a few minutes more.
  • For more skin protection, you can apply a protective, waterproof barrier by using a Shield Skin™ wipe to coat the penis.
  • Wait about one minute for the waterproof dressing to dry completely before you put on your catheter. The skin of your penis should feel smooth and non-tacky to the touch.

  • Application
    Like anything new, putting on your catheter may feel awkward at first. Once you are familiar with the ins and outs of getting a good fit and positioning, you?ll be on your way to stress-free urinary control. Freedom Cath® condom catheters are designed for easy application. They are one-piece, with a special medical adhesive lining to keep the catheter moving with you and adjusting to the changing shape of your penis.

    To Apply
    1. When you take a self-adhering catheter from its package, unroll it one "notch" to loosen the adhesive as it sticks to itself. Then re-roll and apply. The sheath will go on smoothly.
    2. Hold the rolled catheter sheath so that the head of your penis fits in the cone but doesn?t rub against the bulb. (With the clear catheters, you can actually see that your penis is in the correct position.)
    3. Slowly unroll the adhesive-coated sheath along your penis. Squeeze the sheath all around your penis to seal the adhesive to your skin. This will prevent leakage and will keep your catheter securely in place. (A few "air bubbles" may remain. This is normal.)
    4. If there is extra, loose material in the sheath, pinch it together so that it sticks to itself. If there are too many wrinkles on the sheath, you may want to use the next smaller size.

    To Remove
    With a self-adhering condom catheter, simply roll the adhesive sheath back toward the head of your penis.

    Connecting the Urine Collection Bag
    The final step in connecting your external catheter system is to attach your leg bag to your condom catheter.

    1. Attach leg straps to your leg bag (smooth side up).
    2. Fasten the bag comfortably on your leg, either above, below, or at the side of your knee.
    3. Attach the bag firmly on your leg, but don?t over-tighten.
    4. The flutter valve on the bag should be at the top. (This one-way valve prevents urine from backing up into the catheter.)
    5. If you wear the bag above your knee, you may be able to connect the catheter directly to the valve on the bag. If you wear the bag below your knee, you will need to attach extension tubing between the bag and the catheter. Trim the tubing with heavy scissors to a length that is comfortable for you.
    6. Remove the cap from the connector valve (flutter valve) at the top of the bag. Insert this connector into either the extension tubing or all the way into the catheter stem.
    7. When you connect the catheter to the collection system, be sure the connector is inserted all the way to the bulb in the stem of the catheter.
    8. Be sure the drain at the bottom of the leg bag is closed. If the bag has a retaining band, tuck the drain up and under the band.

    Note: Some men prefer to connect the total system?catheter, tubing, and leg bag? before putting on the catheter. You may want to experiment to see which approach works better for you.

    Disconnecting and Emptying the Collection Bag
    Depending on the size you choose, you'll learn quickly how often you should empty your Freedom® leg bag.

    1. You may empty your bag by disconnecting the lower leg strap, holding the bottom of the bag steady over a toilet or other receptacle, and opening the lower drain. You don't have to disconnect the urine collection system to empty your bag.
    2. Freedom® bags are "disposable" but that doesn't mean you use them only once. If you take good care of it, you should be able to use a vinyl bag for about two weeks. Your doctor or nurse may have suggested that you switch daily between two bags. While you're wearing one, the other can be cleaned and dried for the next day.

    Tips, Care & Hints

    Always remember, there are a few "musts" to get the best results with your external catheter system:
    1. Be sure your condom catheter is the correct size and fit for you.
    2. Be sure your skin is clean and dry before you put on the condom catheter.
    3. Be sure the tip of your penis is positioned in the cone of the catheter but is not rubbing on the bulb. Squeeze the sheath.
    4. Learn how often your catheter should be changed to give you the greatest comfort and security. If it?s loose, change it.
    5. Examine your skin carefully each time you change your catheter.
    6. Check and empty your leg bag regularly and look for tubing kinks.
    7. Keep your collection tubing, bags, and fixtures clean and odor-free.

    Routine care and maintenance
    Developing a personal routine for changing your catheter, checking and cleaning your skin, and cleaning and changing your urine collection bags will help you get the best results most easily.

    How often you change your catheter will depend on several factors such as:

    � The type of catheter you use
    � Your own skin type
    � The climate
    � The types of soaps and lotions you use on your skin
    � Medications you take
    � Your diet

    The best way to set a schedule is by trial and observation. Check regularly on the fit and comfort of your own catheter. You'll quickly decide how long it is safe and comfortable to wear a particular kind of catheter before changing:

    1. If the catheter is loose, change it.
    2. If your skin feels irritated, take the catheter off and check, clean, and dry your skin before putting on a new catheter.
    3. If you notice a urine odor, take off your catheter, then clean and dry your skin before putting on a new one.
    4. Be sure your urine collection system is clean and your urine is flowing through the system

    Collection Bags

    To clean your vinyl leg bag or night collection bag after use, remove tubing and leg straps and rinse the bag with clear water.
    1. Use a solution of bleach and water (one ounce bleach to a quart of water) to remove stains and odor of urine from the bag and plastic tubing.
    2. Fill the bag with solution, making sure there is no air in the bag, and let it soak for 20-30 minutes.
    3. Rinse again with clear water and hang to dry.
    4. Soak tubing in the same solution, then rinse it and hang it to dry.
    5. Add about half a teaspoon of Ultra-Fresh® Odor Eliminator to the bag after you clean it.

    Over time, mineral deposits from your urine will build up in the collection bag. These deposits will clog the one-way valve and block the flow of urine. To keep your bags, connectors, valves, and tubing clog-free, soak them every few days in a solution of vinegar and water (four ounces of vinegar to a quart of water). Let connectors, valves, tubes, and bag soak for 6-8 hours, and then rinse with clear water.


    My penis is soft or retracts when I try to put on my catheter.
    Be patient and keep trying. You can do it! Grasp the base of your penis (nearest your body) and squeeze your penis to make it more rigid and smooth the skin forward. Then, when you put the cone of the catheter against your penis, "pinch" with your thumb and first two fingers to get a firm grip on your penis. Keep holding while you unroll the sheath of the catheter. Squeeze the adhesive inner liner of your catheter to your penis. Snip away any extra material that forms a roll at the base of your penis. This can bunch up and push the catheter off.

    My urine flows in sudden surges.
    The double-thick cone, bulb, and stem of the catheter are designed not to kink or twist when you move, so that even a sudden surge of urine will pass through without backing up into the catheter. For extra safety, your doctor or nurse may tell you to leave a little collection space between the head of the penis and the inside of the cone of the catheter.

    The adhesive lining of the catheter pulls out my pubic hair.
    See the detailed description and illustration in the Mentor booklet, Putting on Your Catheter .

    My foreskin gets tangled in the adhesive.
    If you are uncircumcised, leave your foreskin over the head of your penis when you put on your catheter.

    I experience spontaneous erections. What will this do to my catheter?
    Your self-adhering catheter will expand automatically to accommodate a spontaneous erection.

    The catheter is too tight at the base of my penis.
    Snip off the band and peel away extra material that binds the base of your penis.

    My self-adhering catheter is hard for me to remove.
    Wrap a warm, damp washcloth around your penis for a few minutes. Then ease the catheter off.

    Hints for caregivers
    Accurate sizing of the catheter is critical. Check to see that any extra material in the sheath of a self-adhering catheter is pinched together to form a seal. If you see lots of wrinkles in this type of catheter, it probably means a smaller size is required.

    If the patient complains that his catheter becomes loose and falls off, find out why.
    � Is it the correct size?
    � Is the skin clean and dry?
    � Is the penis retracting?

    If the penis is retracting, the patient should wear a shorter-sheath catheter to eliminate the extra roll sitting at the base of the penis. This roll has a tendency to push forward when the penis retracts. Any excess roll or sheath should be trimmed with blunt scissors. (The Active Cath®, Freedom Clear®, Freedom Clear® SS and Clear Advantage® catheters all offer shorter sheaths.) Is it actually the catheter that?s falling off? The system may be disconnecting elsewhere and causing a leak. Or, the connector may not be pushed all the way into the bulb of the catheter, causing kinking in the system.