ChemiSan Sanitizer for Human Waste

Keep environment safe by breaking down human fecal matter into an odorless substance in just a few days


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In case you have an event or organize an outdoor party, you might need to use a mobile toilet. But if the place is crowded, you might be worried about the smell of the waste. This is no longer a problem. You can turn human waste to humus type compost, thanks to the new ChemiSan™ powder application.

  • Used in sanitation units
  • Easy to use, powder format
  • Just sprinkle in the bag and the odor is gone in hours
  • Perfect to use with the GottaGo ™ waterless toilets
  • Safe to bury bag after application
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    ChemiSan Sanitizer for Human Waste

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    If you are using a waterless biodegradable toilet like the GottaGo™ waterless product, you can easily turn the waste into biodegradable humus, you can even use in your own garden to feed plants. ChemiSan™ comes in a powder format, and is available in two different size packets. SKU CH-001 is enough for 7 applications, and SKU CH-002 is going to last for 30.

    The ChemiSan™ is used together with the waterless toilet waste bags. The bag is placed over the toilet opening. When the bag is full, the ChemiSan™ is sprinkled over and the bag is sealed. The ChemiSan™ turns human waste into odorless compost, and the material of the bag is also biodegradable. The bag can be safely buried in the ground, and the dangerous pathogens of the waste are also eliminated, thanks to the ChemiSan™.

    This is the easiest and safest way to turn human waste to compost is using ChemiSan™, which is manufactured to the highest standards, and uses friendly bacteria to literally consume human waste. 

    Sub-Heading Keep environment safe by breaking down human fecal matter into an odorless substance in just a few days
    Manufacturer SKU CH-001, CH-002
    Manufacturer Global Sanitation Solutions
    HCPCS Code No
    NDC # No
    Product Specifications No

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